Reinvigorate your practice with three full days of tailored education for K–12 school leaders like you. NPC19 is designed to help you develop shared values, cultivate a culture of wellness, contribute productively to a global society, and encourage strategic, creative risk-taking.

Each education session at NPC19 aligns with one of the strands below to create a cohesive learning environment with timely topics that affect your school community. Key takeaways are crafted to be implemented immediately upon returning to your school, providing tangible return on investment.

Familiarize yourself with all four focus strands and explore their core elements:

Building Culture

Nurturing community stakeholders to develop and live shared norms, values, and beliefs in order to flourish in a safe, caring, and evolving school community.


Ensuring that each person is known, valued, and treated justly, and receives the personalized, high-quality education necessary to succeed in a global society.

Leading Complex Change 

Influencing the mindset of key stakeholders, empowering a shift from reflection to action.

Leading From the Heart 

Inspiring stakeholders through thoughtful leadership to create a caring and empathetic community.

Strategic Branding 

Crafting a brand through collaboration that reflects school goals, beliefs, and core values; and is easily embraced by students, staff, parents, and community stakeholders.

Promoting Wellness

Cultivating a culture of wellness for student and adult stakeholders to enhance community learning and productivity.

School Safety 

Promoting proactive safety and crisis management planning and implementation to protect the school community.

Social-Emotional Learning 

Developing a culturally responsive approach to the social-emotional development of all stakeholders in the school community.

Mental Health 

Utilizing an interagency, multi-disciplinary approach to enhance mental health services for the school community.

Whole School Wellness 

Creating opportunities to promote physical, nutritional, and intellectual wellness, and the happiness agency of the school community.

Leading Learning

Empowering all stakeholders to affirm shared values and develop the skills and dispositions to grow and contribute productively in a global society.

Building Teacher Effectiveness 

Challenging educators to seize ownership, taking the risk to ensure every student’s success through a fostered culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

Building Leadership Capacity 

Engaging staff in professional and personal self-reflection and nurturing their ability to lead school improvement initiatives.

Future-Ready Learning 

Fostering creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication in students and adults to prepare them for our ever-changing global society (cultural relevancy/sensitivity).

Student Agency 

Creating a platform by which students are actively engaged in creating real-world learning experiences.

Disrupting Business as Usual

Cultivating courageous leadership that inspires and engages students and adults as creative risk takers to make compelling change and learn in our global society.


Nurturing school and community stakeholders to develop and live shared norms, values, and beliefs in order to flourish in a safe, caring, and evolving school community—safe for exploring risk and inspiring innovation.

Teaching & Learning 

Ensuring that each person engages with and succeeds in progressive, personalized teaching and productive learning.

Systems & Structures 

Redesigning institutional structures and strategies that foster systems and processes that maintain strong relationships among students, families, community, and staff members that drive organizational performance.


Elevating experiences and outcomes that ensure optimal learning is achieved by all.

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