Why Attend

This first-time joint national conference will give you three days of authentic collaboration—leading to a deep understanding of the issues your peers face and how you can work together to shape the trajectory for student success. No matter where you are on your education journey, this conference can take you where you want to go.

Collaborate. Innovate. Transform.

Professional Learning Your Way

When you attend the 2017 National Principals conference, expect programming that addresses your specific needs and challenges. You will hear more than just theory—you’ll get the detailed insight you need to enact real change in your school.

  • Choose a conference strand and spend your three days shaping your specific learning objectives
  • Bring home concrete solutions to put into practice
  • Get the detailed insight you need to enact real change in your school

An Open Space to Address Real Challenges

It’s time for school leaders to unite with peers across the Pre-K–12 continuum. At the 2017 National Principals Conference, you will:

  • Connect with your peers from all levels
  • Learn from your collective experiences
  • Make new connections that will last a lifetime

Work Together to Build Transitions for Student Success

From Pre-K through grade 12, school leaders all face unique—but similar—challenges. At the 2017 National Principals Conference, you can learn valuable lessons from your peers across all levels. But more than that, you can:

  • Lay the groundwork to collaborate and help students successfully transition from one school level to another
  • Address shared critical issues and make a real difference in your students’ lives
  • Better learn the challenges faced by your peers and develop a deep respect for each other

Transform Your Executive Leadership

School leaders need sharp executive leadership skills to excel in their roles and properly shape their schools. But most likely, you’re no longer doing what you were trained to do. You’re juggling tasks instead of innovating. At the 2017 National Principals Conference, you will:

  • Address the increased complexities of the job
  • Hear sage advice and practical solutions to help you navigate the school community and thrive as a school leader
  • Walk away with clear ideas to revolutionize your school

Unparalleled Solutions and Networking All in One Place

The 2017 National Principals Conference Exhibit Hall will be like nothing you’ve seen before. In addition to connecting with companies champing at the bit to provide the best products, solutions, and technology, you will enjoy:

  • Frequent networking
  • Innovative learning opportunities
  • Refreshments to fuel your next session or conversation

Explore the City of Brotherly Love

Take advantage of staying in a city with a rich history and, of course, Philly cheesesteaks. From the Liberty Bell to the steps that Sylvester Stallone triumphantly climbed in Rocky, this city has a lot to offer. Consider staying an extra night or two to really take in the city.

Enjoy a tour or two with special National Principals Conference pricing.

Discover Philadelphia.

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