Christine Handy

Christine Handy serves as the president of NASSP. Dr. Handy has served in numerous volunteer roles with the Maryland Association of Secondary School Principals, which named her the state Principal of the Year in 2006. The first woman of color to serve as NASSP president, Dr. Handy has held principalships in urban, rural, and suburban settings for a total of 19 years; the last 11 have been at the highly diverse, 2,400-student Gaithersburg High School in Montgomery County, MD. Dr. Handy is also an international speaker and trainer. She has trained school leaders in Beijing and across the U.S. at Equity Colloquiums, National College Board Advanced Placement, and National Principals Conferences. A recognized advocate for the importance of leadership development, Dr. Handy regularly meets with elected officials at state and federal levels, even testifying before Congress in 2014 on the value of a federal investment in principal leadership.