NPC20 is your chance to focus on your leadership and reflect on how you’re building culture and leading learning.

Each education session at NPC20 aligns with one of the four strands below. Select from timely topics and new ideas presented by your colleagues and experts in the field.

  • Building a Culture of Wellness

    Learn to advance an environment in which the well-being and safety of everyone in the learning community is intentionally fostered and nurtured.

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    Varsity Brands

  • Building a Culture of Equity

    Discuss how proper behavior, systems, processes, resources, and environments ensure that each member of the school community is provided fair, just, and individualized learning and growth opportunities.

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    Share Our Strength

  • Leading Learning for Today

    Explore how to empower each individual to apply knowledge, skills, and dispositions to grow and contribute productively by expanding current practices with practical strategies.

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    Napoli Shkolnik PLLC

  • Leading Learning for Tomorrow

    Discover what’s possible when each individual harnesses the power of innovative and disruptive ideas to contribute to society on a global scale.