Innovation cultivates courageous leadership that inspires, engages, and empowers others to make compelling change.

Topics include leading learning, transformative leadership, innovations in learning, evolving principalship and more.

NPC21 will inspire each of us—to innovate, fight for equity and cultivate wellness in education and our practice. Click here to see the complete conference schedule.

Concurrent Sessions

Fanatical School Leadership—Proven Strategies for Leading Learning in Times Like This!

Level: K–12

What sets your soul on fire? What is your mindset? Are you fanatical? Fanatical Leaders are like electricity, they bring the energy that propels a team forward and takes them from good to great. Leading learning amid a pandemic, you have been drained, your power level has diminished to low levels, and it has been tough to sustain the pace expected from all of the stakeholders depending on you. In this session, you will learn six keys to fanatical leadership from a 20-year veteran principal—exactly what you need to be recharged in these challenging leadership times!


  • Christine C. Handy
    President, Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals, Rockville, MD

Training Supercitizens: A New Approach to Civic Education

Level: K–12

U.S. students routinely show lower-than-desired proficiency in civics and social studies. In this workshop, you will explore innovative curricula and discuss guiding principles for helping shape schools that embrace civic engagement and students who comprehend their opportunities and responsibilities as citizens.


  • Larry Schooler
    Professor, Facilitative Leadership and Conflict Resolution, University of Texas, Austin,
  • Scott Warren
    CEO, Generation Citizen, New York, NY
  • Darcy Richie
    Senior Director, Program & Impact, Generation Citizen, New York, NY

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