Your NPC21 State Executive Promotional Toolkit

The National Principals Conference gives your members the opportunity to reflect on their practice in an environment that is devoted specifically to them and their professional learning—ultimately improving education throughout your state.

NASSP put together a tool kit to help you spread the word and promote NPC21 to your principals. Check out the resources below to get started.


Add promotional language to your newsletter communications to keep your members up to date on NPC21. Choose from these sample announcements or write your own.

Sample 1

The 2021 National Principals Conference is where you will have the chance to pause and reflect on your leadership with fellow practitioners. Taking place online July 14–16, NPC21 provides unparalleled opportunities for professional learning, networking, collaboration, and self-care that both strengthen and support your growth—ultimately improving your school community. Visit for more information!

Sample 2

NPC21’s educational lineup has been carefully curated to address the biggest areas for growth in your school community. Broken into three strands, the program includes practitioner-led workshops addressing Wellness, Equity, and Innovation. Visit to learn how you can benefit from this targeted training.

Social Media

Be sure to post on your social media pages and encourage registration. Use the samples below or create your own and remember to use #NPC21 on every post!


#NPC21 registration is open! This unbeatable opportunity for school leaders gives you the chance to prioritize your growth. Register now:

Put your professional learning first at #NPC21. This annual event offers unbeatable education and networking to help you power up your practice. Register today:


Of the principals, by the principals, and for the principals! NPC21 puts your growth and wellness first so you can recharge and reconnect with your community. Registration is open—sign up today:

NPC21 is where you can find your community and grow professionally together. Register to power up you practice and refine your leadership:


NPC21 registration is open! This is an unbeatable opportunity to collaborate on challenges and make your growth a priority. Register now: 

Experience the power of connection at #NPC21, and build a roadmap for the year ahead. Register today:


NASSP’s National Principals Conference is where current and aspiring school leaders will regroup, recharge, and gain resilience for the year ahead. #NPC21

Where can you find unparalleled networking and education? Only at NASSP’s National Principals Conference! This is your moment to focus on your professional learning this summer—registration is open. #NPC21

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